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Digital print finishing process  
There are many ways to produce a perfect bound book, but when digital printing, short runs and frequent format changes are involved, the options are drastically reduced: only by using high-level automation it is possible to maintain and improve production, quality and profit.
CEM DocuConverter line is a key element in the printing and perfect binding processes: receiving printed cut sheets, DocuConverter line’s various configurations either transform them in binding-ready book blocks or separate the single impressions into single pages and pass them to the downstream process.


  • Suitable for any digital printer or sheet feeder on the market thanks to its high paper transport speed (90 m/min or 295 feet/min), open signal interface and mechanic adaptability which allows the DocuConverter to be easily connected to the upstream device.
  • Ready for automatic format change: from a panel, by logical signal, using JDF files, etc. Multiple layouts management: 2-UP, 4-UP, 6-UP, etc. Numerous accessories: slitter, gutter, scoring, stitching, etc.
  • The modular nature of the machine allows you to add other functionalities after the initial installation.
  • Can be controlled by one operator alone. By accepting 660.4 x 368.3 mm (26” x 14.5”) sheets, it allows multiple impressions on a single sheet (greater productivity, reduction of click charge). Eliminates the need for manual guillotining and facilitates the unloading of the book blocks.
  • wo complementary lines for any input format: Base Line for sheets with maximum dimensions of 660.4 x 368.3 mm (26” x 14.5”) and Larger Format Line for sheets up to 660.4 x 500 mm (26” x 19.7”). Full bleed cut in Larger Format configurations.


DocuConverter DCCV

DocuCutt DCCT

DocuLine DCLN

DocuStacker DCST

DCCV with twin stacker DCDS

Linea Grande Formato