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Technology enhancement and security standards satisfaction. A certified quality.

The quality of the CEM products and the design and manufacturing processes are certified by the Quality Certification UNIEN ISO 9001:2000 which extends to the distribution process.

Tuv Certificati
Research & Development

The Research and Development has constantly focused on technology enhancement of every component and operating module in each of the product lines, with special care applied to satisfy all international security standards. Software and firmware of the MCPU are designed to maximize performances ensuring ease of operation and integrity of the finished document.

The main features are:
  • Compactness and modularity throughout
  • Ease of operation and job programming.
  • Prompt response to variations in operating conditions and environment.
  • Highest level of automation and dynamic controls to process documents with variable make up and thickness.
  • Total Integrity Check on processed documents.
  • Data gathering and tallying of production data.
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