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Automated production of booklets of coupons loose sheets of large

cssmOver one billion Chinese citizens means a massive use of books, where these are used as a method of paying fees for the supply of gas in accordance with the laws of the Chinese government.

These carnet must not only be bound for maximum security, compatible with the existing rules of the Security Printing companies, but also produced very quickly, throughout the year, to meet the delivery dates requested by the very terms of payment tight supplies of gas. This is where the finishing systems for EMC booklets offer a unique solution. The books are printed on the payment of gasLibretti transport in a single module parallel 2-up.

The transport system enters the CEM that, thanks to the scanner for reading bar codes, is able to detect the identity codes and the criteria for grouping of the print stream already customized by the printer. Carnets are cut, assembled, sewn and bound with tape at high speed edge, despite the very light weight paper and thin and lightly coated the surface of the cover. The covers are carried by two separate power supplies.

The high quality finish of the books processed by the CEM system, easily discernible from a market accustomed to the finished products before hand, he met an even bigger expectations.