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Weekly water payment booklets.
Weekly Water Payment coupons are used by South West of England citizens to pay for the water usage. They are books of variable page count printed in a single stream that must be end bound with stitching and taping. The CEM system designed to produce these coupon books from single A4 cut sheets printed sequentially 3 to view is the Cut Sheet Book Finishing System Model CSSM. Input sheets are manually stacked in the feeder and fed one by one through the Barcode reading area. Via Barcode reading every single sheet is checked ensuring the full integrity of the booklets. After barcode scanning the sheets are slit with circular knives into three individual coupons that are sequenced and collated into books. Blank coupons detected through Barcode scanning are diverted into a separate bin prior to collation. Non personalized front covers with window and back covers pre-cut to booklet size are fed from two separate cover feeders mounted on the conveyor section. The system automatically adjusts the release of stitch wire and spine tape to the thickness of each individual booklets for consistent high quality appearance.