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Book Finishing and Insertirting Automation of Check Books for a group of Banks

The application requires fully automated book finishing and inserting of check books specific to each bank in the group. LibrettiEach check book with checks personalized with name and address of the account holder have to be assembled and finished with the use of different covers and annexes, covers and annexes pertain to a different bank.

Check are printed in a single stream in cut sheet pages with layout of name sequence. The check books are with random variable quantity of checks and a variable quantity of annexes. The covers with window cut out, the annexes and the back covers are all pre-cut sheets that are fed in the system pre-assembled in the print sequence of the checks according to Bank print sequence.

The check pages, used as master document, are BCR coded with data relevant to Identity Check and book composition control codes.

The CEM book finishing system Model CSSM automates the finishing and inserting process with extensive use of BCR codes detection and cross matching to guarantee final book integrity of 4 different items; checks, annexes in pre-cut sheets BCR identified by Bank, front cover and back cover in pre-cut sheets BCR identified by Bank.C