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Automation Production of Coupon Booklets from large size Cut Sheet

A new trend in the area of cut sheet laser printing is the emerging use of large size sheets, of dimensions up to 12" x 18" 1/4. CEM is already providing finishing systems for the automatic production of coupon books from large size cutLibretti sheet.

Barcoded sheets printed up to 12 names to view are collated into folios under full integrity control. Final book integrity is attained by individual Identity Check in all personalized documents and full constant monitoring of sequencing and collation process.

Separation of folios into final books is with heavy duty guillotines. Coupon books are neatly finished either with stitch and spine tape or hot-melt gluing. According to large U.S. users "the benefit that may derive from reorganizing the printing pattern onto a larger size cut sheet is evident".