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Fully automated production of cruising and airline tickets
The leisure cruising business is a rapidly growing market segment. Booklet of cruising tickets are characterized by a number of coupons variable at random, depending not only on the type of cruise selected, but also on the great variety of optional land or sea excursions and activities offered. This explains why each booklet has a configurationcrocera different from the next.

It is common in the cruise industry that the ticketing offices of cruise lines would issue and deliver to passengers the air line ticket booklet together with the cruise ticket book. Travelling parties may have passengers originating the trip from different cities.

The CEM system is designed to fully automate the book finishing of airline and cruising ticket book for individual passengers or parties. Identity Check Control and cross matching with BCR code detection Croceraallow for total security in the book finishing of all travelling documents.

All books are neatly and consistently finished with stitch and spine tape. Finished books are delivered on the output conveyor grouped by passenger or travelling parties. That is what CEM coupon book finishing systems can do for the cruise industry