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Automatic, closed and compact machine for booklets printed on cut sheets. Just a single operator is required, usually only having to load the paper and unload the finished booklets ready for packing. Semi-automatic feeding of pre-assembled cut sheet documents with all attachments, excluding only the covers that will be added pre-cut by the CSG-CL.

The folio, normally containing 3-4 booklets with the same number of documents, is loaded by the operator into a semi-automatic unit with trays (carousel). Later the folio is guillotined into single booklets, jogged, stitched and taped individually with hot-melt tape.

The machine does not check integrity and sequencing, but if requested it is possible to install a code reader (BCR or 2D) that captures a code on the top of the sheet for further production control with a dedicated “connectivity” plug-in option.