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Automation Production of Coupon Booklets from large size Cut Sheet

70% of Check Booklets in France are top bound and finished with glued wrapping covers. Only the remainders are end bound and finished with stitching and spine taping on left side. To meet these requirements CEM have integrated the stitching and spine taping finishing with the technology of perfect binding.

CEM has designed a single machine able to process the complete mix of check books that a Security Printing Company must produce daily. One single operator can now, thanks to this highly automated solution, choose whichever kind of finishing needs to be applied to booklets, simply by pressing the relevant job key on the control unitLibretti keyboard.

Book compositions are carried out on the dual deck cutter in the front end of the System that processis two separate webs with East/West layout. Documents are sequenced and collated under OMR, BCR, OCR, 2D control.


Feeding of book covers and up to 2 pre-cut auxiliary documents complete the book finishing process. Assembled groups of documents are then, according to the chosen job, either dispatched to the stitching and spine taping unit or to the perfect binding system to be neatly and consistently finished with stitch and spine tape or with glued wrapping covers.