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Structure and components of MP602PA are the same as MP601PS but the former is designed for dual input (two webs).

If you choose the MP 602PA dual input model, you will have a machine that can “sequence” the documents in a way similar to what happens in the Sibaflex input module: the CEM MP602PA cutter will automatically alternate the documents coming from the two web streams (for example cheques and attachments), leaving to the operators just the task of applying the staples and the binding tape.

For this application the most suitable collection accessory is the Advanced Sinking Stacker with Interleaver that can join two covers to the group of cut documents. MP 602 can read and operate according to the same codes used by Sibaflex: OMR or bar codes. Another important aspect is that MP series have the same cutting assembly as the System and therefore uses the same mechanical spare parts.

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