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Emergency calls

In case of critical circumstances or machine down situations, we give priority attention and ensure our presence at the customer site within 24 hours from the call, in order to keep a high production efficiency level.
Demo Center

Demo Center

Activity carried out at the CEM Technical Training Centre, as well at our client’s premises, for carrying out demonstrations to clients and demonstrations regarding to working of CEM systems.
Assistenza produzione

Production support

Customer assistance during production activities, aimed at increasing production effectiveness and/or the quality of the end product, also in terms of safety.

Remote assistance

Connection of the system installed on the client’s premises with the CEM Centre, where a technician will help with remotely diagnosing faults and/or with the production set-up.

Original parts

The production, marketing and distribution of spare parts and original consumables, consistent with the customer requirements in relation to production and the range of systems installed on the client’s premises.
Manutenzione programmata

Routine maintenance

Scheduling of routine maintenance visits organised according to the specific characteristics of the client and the expected workload.

Operator training

Organisation of training courses at the CEM Technical Training Centre, tailored to operators as well as customer service technicians. Upon request, ad hoc training courses can be organised for operations and servicing personnel at the client's premises or in-house.