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Automatic machine for booklets printed on cut sheet at two columns per page.

The machine has two guillotines that work at 90°. Between the sheet-cheques feeder and the first guillotine there is a buffer that allows you to overlap the loading phases.

Although this is a very high productivity machine, usually a single operator can handle the entire cycle from the loading of the sheets into the automatic feeder to the boxing of the finished booklets.

As in all the machines with cut sheet feeding, the sequencing has to be configured beforehand, but CSG2 checks that there are no errors, thereby guaranteeing full control over integrity. To do this it is obviously necessary to have bar codes or 2D codes. Stitching at 1 or 2 points and taping with hot-melt tape.

Also CSG2 can benefit of “connectivity” plug-in option, used to hugely increase efficiency and control over production from remote.