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Automatic, closed and compact machine for books printed on cut sheets. The machine combines the requirements of the variable quantity of documents per book with the flexibility of cut sheet printing. The digital printing will have to respect the sequencing and the composition of the books, therefore on each sheet the documents are numbered in sequence.

In order to function correctly it is indispensable that bar codes or 2D codes are printed on each document.

Just a single operator is required, usually only having to load the paper and unload the finished booklets ready for packing.

Continuous automatic feeding of the pre-assembled documents in sequence with all attachments, excluding only the covers that will be added pre-cut by the CSSM. At maximum speed, feeding occurs about every 20 minutes. The machine checks the integrity and the sequencing through the scanning of codes (BCR or 2D) printed on each document.

There is the possibility of interfacing (upload-download) with the company network to control production.

Also CSSM can benefit of “connectivity” plug-in option, used to hugely increase efficiency and control over production from remote.