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Innovative machinery, systems and finishing solutions for every type of document.

Since 1954 CEM has been specialising in continuous forms cutting machines to become a leader in systems for manufacturing booklets like cheque books and meal vouchers..

Today CEM is the ideal partner also for those who print books, either digital or on-demand, with a new range of machines dedicated to large volumes and diverse formats.

The value added
that makes all the difference

There are many characteristics that add value to a CEM finishing system. Above all the first rate quality of the materials used, which allow you to attain constant high levels of performance, productivity and efficiency.

Customization possibilities continue to be one of the key elements of all the lines’ success of. All solutions are modular so that they can be customised for various applications and equipped with dedicated additional functions.

The new personalised plug-in software applications add value to the control over the integrity of the finished product, and the new IT functionalities provide remote network control that further optimises the cost of ownershi


CEM machines and systems have been designed to become an integral part of a production chain that generates value. In addition to the mechanical connection there is, depending on the type of solution, connectivity through a LAN, WiFi, and internet, with centralised command or control systems.


CEM has a
global presence

CEM has been installing its range of machines for more than 55 years: over 2,000 cutters and almost 500 systems. Many lines produced 20 years ago are still fully operational.

The future

Greater flexibility, greater modularity, greater productivity. These are the principles that characterise the innovation and the evolution towards new solutions that CEM Research and Development continue to pursue in order to uninterruptedly improve performance.