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CEM DocuCutt is the DocuConverter cutting stage, used as a machine on its own for applications in which book block production is not required.

Typically it is used for in-line applications in which DocuCutt is the cutting stage before operations such as stitching, hole punching, bending, etc.

As a consequence, a DocuCutt comes provided with two interfaces, differently from the DocuConverter which has only one: it’s not possible for an end user already owning a DocuConverter to obtain a DocuCutt from it by simply separating the registration and cutting stage.

The CEM DocuCutt is therefore destined to always have a downstream equipment in-line: incoming sheets are cut, separated and passed to the next downstream equipment, with resulting higher productivity and click charge reduction for the entire process.

In conclusion, thanks to DocuCutt, it is possible to connect a printer or a sheet feeder to any downstream equipment accepting cut sheets as input.

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