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October 2012 - CEM DocuConverter in Russia
A successful installation of a CEM DocuConverter on a Xerox Nuvera 288 digital printer has been recently completed in Moscow, Russian Federation.


The unit was purchased by the Russian company Book-On-Demand (Книга по требованию,, Russia’s leader in print-on-demand distribution, with 1.800.000 titles available and access to over 200 million consumers.

Differently from other installations on Xerox equipment the Book-on-Demand DocuConverter receives the sheets from the 1024 mm high output of the FTMS module (Xerox DS3500 stacker) placed between the printer and the DocuConverter, without this affecting the unit’s performance at all. Book-On-Demand is now using the DocuConverter for short-run book production, often down to single copies (the so-called “book of one”), to satisfy a market in which we have passed from the request of many books of one title to a myriad of different titles each one printed in very small quantity.


The advantages given by not needing to stock books and from the production flexibility given by the DocuConverter are enormous and CEM is grateful to Book-on-Demand for choosing our unit and exposing it to such a big and important market.

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