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compares data of the books being produced (order - batch - book being produced) with actual parameters obtained from the machine in real time

gathers individual information encapsulated in a matrix code (for example, QR). Book by Book the CEM machine reads this information and calculates any variance from a theoretical pre-set production model.


can retrofit most former series.

Machine status, job, team, efficiency, time to completion, booklets to be re-done ecc, are displayed on TV monitors (not included) located close to the units or at remote location for example at some key offices.

The software allows you to export data as Excel files for further processing and const control. Data travels on the company LAN and is transmitted from the machine that the LAN shares as a normal IP address.

The new CEM plug-in can be equipped (on option) with Wi-Fi functionality allows you to connect a tablet or a smartphone and obtain some very valuable key parameters for supervising production in real time even if not close to the machine.

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